When and How to Fertilize Trees: A Brief Guide

If you want to know how to fertilize trees, learn from the tree fertilization experts in Memphis, TN. Contacting a team like Spruce Up Tree Care is one solution. Their experts will happily explain why, when, and how to fertilize your trees and other plants for healthier landscapes.

You can also find out more about fertilizing trees from the professional tips below.

Why Do Trees Need Fertilizer?

Trees in a forest or jungle will naturally receive nutrients from decaying branches, leaves, and many other elements. An artificially designed landscape is slightly different since the lawn’s planted grass, flowers, and other vegetation will compete with a tree for limited nutrients in the soil. Raking away dying leaves and lawn clippings removes the tree’s natural source of nutrients by depleting the soil’s reserves faster.

To mitigate the problem, we fertilize our trees. It ensures they receive optimal amounts of nutrients and works to restore healthy soil. This process is essential to optimize tree health, as it boosts its appearance, strength, and potential lifespan.

Does your tree need fertilizer? It might if you notice the following issues:

  • Shorter periods of twig growth
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Dying branches

These are classic symptoms of unhealthy trees, though a closer inspection by a professional is always wise. Also, remember that young trees require special attention to promote optimal growth.

The Best Time To Fertilize

If you notice the signs above, you may plan to fertilize the trees that need extra care. However, understanding the season is essential. Ideally, you should apply fertilizers to the tree root zone in spring and fall, but not if you notice the following:

  • Extremely dry soil
  • Frozen soil
  • Oversaturated soil (with water)

Professionals do not recommend fertilizing during winter or late fall. The extra nutrients might jumpstart spring growth too early, causing unnecessary damage.

Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Your Needs

Slow-release granular fertilizers offer maximum benefits over several hours to prevent burns to the root system. There are various options, and a team like Spruce Up Tree Care can guide you to the best fertilizer for your tree’s specific needs. A soil test also helps assess what your tree needs to thrive, indicating imbalances and any nutrients lacking in the soil content.

A Note on How To Fertilize Trees The Right Way

A tree’s root system will spread out, often further than its canopy. Follow these tips as you apply your selection of fertilizers:

  • Spread a thin, even layer around the entire tree root zone
  • Ensure the root ends have access (components near the trunk won’t absorb it well)
  • Apply some fertilizer underneath competing plants so the tree receives enough for itself

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