When to Fertilize Trees in Spring: A Brief Guide

You need to know when to fertilize trees in spring, and we are here to help. Good timing with tree fertilization will help your trees live a long life and give your grandchildren the perfect spot for a treehouse.

Spruce Up Tree Care is Memphis’ tree fertilization service that cares. Our prices are affordable and our team is highly qualified in a variety of tree services.

When to Fertilize

Young trees need fertilizer more often than older trees. They appreciate a little boost as they work to establish their root systems. 

It is safe to begin fertilizing young trees starting in March. If Spring weather starts a little later where you live, you can wait a little later. 

Extra nutrients as trees go through their springtime growth spurt will help them stay healthy and grow healthy, lush leaves.

Older trees still benefit from fertilizer, but they can handle an infrequent treatment. A self-administered soil test will show which nutrients are deficient in your soil. This knowledge helps you buy the right type of fertilizer

Signs It’s Time To Fertilize

Applying fertilizer to a tree that already has abundant nutrients is a waste of time and money. Keep watch over your trees. They will give you some clues that they are ready for a dose of fertilizer:

Twiggy twigs: If the twigs are small and don’t seem to experience annual growth, they may not have the nutrients they need.

Blotchy leaves: Lack of plant nutrients can prevent leaves from growing full and green. Discolored spots are a cry for help.

Falling limbs: If branches dry up and fall off, that is a definite sign to pay attention to the tree health on your property.

Early Autumn: Nutrient-deficient trees don’t have the energy to maintain their leaves all the way through the summer. The leaves will turn their autumn color and drop prematurely. 

Proper Fertilizer Technique

You don’t just need to know when to fertilize trees in spring; you also need to know how. There’s no point in doing it if you don’t know the right way.

Amateur arborists think the best way is to scrape away the mulch and put fertilizer on the surface dirt. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Leave existing mulch where it is. Fertilizer goes right on top, avoiding the trunk and covering the whole root system. Some homeowners like to aerate the soil before applying fertilizer, but it is not mandatory.

Spruce Up Your Memphis Property

Don’t worry if you don’t know when to fertilize trees in spring. If you aren’t comfortable doing your own tree maintenance, call in the experts. The tree care professionals with Spruce Up Tree Care can boost the health of your trees and reverse over-fertilization if your trees show symptoms. 

We offer comprehensive tree care, from planting and fertilization, all the way to tree removal and stump grinding. Call our Memphis, TN arborist team at 901-833-8242 to request a free estimate.


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