Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved?

Various diseases can cause your tree’s health to deteriorate and eventually die. The big question is, can a diseased tree be saved?

It’s possible to save a dying tree, but you’ll need to work with an experienced tree expert to improve your chance of success in this endeavor. In this post, we delve deeper into how to save your tree from dying. We offer reliable tree removal in Olive Branch, MS, and more; contact us today to speak to a professional.

Top Five Signs of a Dying Tree

At times, you can have a hard time telling whether your tree is dead or dying. Here are some common signs that your tree isn’t healthy and could die if you don’t act fast:

  • The tree leaves are curling, brown, or dry.
  • The trunk has cracks, or the wood appears brittle in some areas.
  • Visibly decayed areas, particularly on the branches or around the trunk.
  • The build-up of green, mossy substance on the branches.
  • The tree is bent in an abnormal position, indicating weakened roots.

How To Save a Diseased Tree

To answer the question, “Can a diseased tree be saved?” we’ll give you a few easy-to-follow tree care tips. You might want to hire professional tree services to help implement some of these tips. 

Maintain a Proper Tree Care Routine

It pays to have a good tree care routine. This will help safeguard your trees against ill health. Practices like adequate watering, proper pruning, and correct fertilization can ensure you have healthy trees on your property all year round. 

Did you know that raking leaves in autumn can be beneficial for your trees? This practice ensures that you remove infected leaves from healthy trees, preventing the infection from spreading.

Use Fungicides

Fungus is one of the major tree killers. This disease can easily infect the nearby trees if you use the same equipment on your trees. 

You can prevent such headaches with fungicides. You just need to spray the treatment onto the trunk of the diseased tree to neutralize the fungus. 

Fertilize Appropriately 

Too little or too much fertilizer can do more harm than good to your diseased tree. It is best to ask your arborist about the correct type and amount of fertilizer to use on your tree. Generally, deep-root fertilization with a personalized blend of essential nutrients and organic sea kelp can help revitalize a sick tree over time. 

Practice Proper Pruning

While pruning is good for the health of your trees, doing it excessively or incorrectly can damage your trees. It pays to implement the best pruning practices to avoid compromising your tree’s health. Consult an ISA-certified arborist on how to prune various types of trees. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Can a diseased tree be saved? Yes, if you follow the pieces of advice above and work with a qualified arborist.

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