Four Tree Trimming Safety Mistakes to Avoid

Many Memphis homeowners believe tree trimming is relatively simple and doesn’t pose a safety concern. However, tree trimming is more dangerous than many residents realize and can cause significant injuries and even death if done incorrectly. That’s why Spruce Up Tree Care put together some efficient tree trimming safety mistakes Memphis homeowners must avoid.

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Four Tree Trimming Mistakes Every Memphis Homeowner Should Know

Quality tree trimming is more complex than you might think. It requires specific techniques and tools to perform safely and ensure the best results. Below are some common tree trimming safety mistakes Memphis residents must avoid:

1. Not Utilizing Protective Equipment

Most professional arborists utilize a safety checklist when trimming large trees. They wear helmets, use harnesses, and take several precautionary measures to prevent accidents and injuries. Many homeowners don’t wear protective gear or harnesses while trimming their trees, increasing the chances of dangerous mishaps.

Always use safety straps when pruning at elevation and wear the following equipment:

  • A helmet
  • Durable boots
  • Long clothing
  • Protective eyewear

2. Not Assessing the Tree’s Durability

Trimming the top branches of dead or decaying trees is extremely dangerous if you don’t check their durability beforehand. Putting too much weight on a decayed branch can cause it to snap. This often leads to you falling out of the tree and potentially injuring yourself or damaging the equipment. 

Assessing the tree’s structural integrity before trimming high branches will prevent accidents and make the process safer.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Surroundings

Understanding your surroundings is crucial when trimming trees. For example, if power lines stretch over the tree, you must be extremely careful not to touch them during the process. Many homeowners don’t pay attention to their surroundings before or during tree trimming, significantly increasing the danger.

4. Not Checking the Tree for Pests or Wildlife

Many pests, insects, and animals create nests in trees and can make trimming much harder. For example, if one of the branches has a wasp nest and you accidentally disrupt it, wasps will swarm you and make you fall out of the tree. Also, some pests cause decay and make branches extremely brittle, furthering the danger if you use them for support. 

Checking the tree for pests and wildlife before trimming will help you plan your approach and make it safer.

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