The Answers to the Common Tree Removal Questions

Want answers to some common tree removal questions? In this post, Spruce Up Tree Care, the leading tree removal company in Olive Branch, MS, gives you the answers in accordance with Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) guidelines. 

Why Hire a Company for Proper Tree Removal? 

Deciding to remove a tree can feel like a heart-wrenching decision, especially if it’s an older one. Arborists only offer a tree removal service as a last resort, so if they suggest removal, you know it’s for the best reasons. 

When it comes to taking the tree down, they also make the best people for the job. A reputable company will work within the guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture. They’ll also protect your interests by holding a current certificate of insurance and working safely. 

Finally, they’ll be happy to answer any tree removal questions you have thoroughly before they start. 

How Will Tree Removal Work? 

The process depends on the tree and its position. If the team has space, the arborist may remove some of the larger branches and then fell the tree. If you live in a built-up area, they’ll remove the tree one section at a time to avoid property damage. 

If your arborist adopts the latter approach, they remove the branches and lower them to the ground. Then, they cut the trunk into sections until only the stump remains, raising the question of whether can a tree grow back from a stump. They’ll then either grind the stump or remove it, depending on your preference.

Who Handles the Cleanup? 

You can decide to either keep the wood or ask the arborist to remove it. Either way, the team will tidy up before they leave so you can easily remove any remaining debris. Removing the wood does add to the cost, but not by much. 

What Will Tree Removal Cost? 

One of the first tree removal questions is always about the price. The cost depends on several factors and can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. We can give you a firm price when we visit your property and evaluate the tree. We don’t charge for this service, so don’t hesitate to call. 

Things That Influence the Cost

The final price depends on the tree’s:

  • Diameter
  • Location and proximity to structures
  • Height
  • Condition
  • Accessibility

What Safety Procedures Do Experts Use? 

The safety procedures will depend on the specifics of the job. However, our company ensures our team members always use harnesses, safety gloves, and hard hats. In addition, we carefully remove the branches into a strong pulley system so we can lower them down safely. 

Will You Need a Tree Removal Permit? 

Again, this will depend on many factors, but if you need a professional team to remove the tree, the answer is probably “Yes.” We’ll give you more information and help you secure the correct permit. 

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