All About Crown Reduction Pruning: What You Need To Know

While large trees on your property often create a sight to behold, they can be hazardous if you leave them to grow too big. To minimize the risk of large trees growing into power lines and falling during extreme weather conditions, consider reducing their size with crown reduction pruning.

In this article, as trusted providers of professional tree trimming in Memphis, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about crown reduction. 

crown reduction pruning

What Is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction refers to a tree pruning technique that entails reducing the size of the tree without interfering with the structure of the crown. It allows you to remove bulk while preserving your tree’s original shape. 

This technique should be your primary option for controlling the height of your trees. However, you must be careful not to over-prune. You shouldn’t remove more than 25% of the canopy at any given time, as doing so can shock the tree. 

If you have large, mature trees, consider scheduling periodic crown reduction pruning. This helps keep the trees healthy, safe, and easy to manage. 

You shouldn’t confuse crown reduction with tree topping. Many jurisdictions have banned topping trees, and professional arborists often frown upon it because it involves removing the tree’s entire top growth, which can shock the tree and eventually kill it.

You should only use this technique if it’s the only option you have left to save a tree that otherwise would have almost zero chance of survival. Never choose tree topping when you still have a crown reduction in your options. 

Advantages of Crown Reduction

Crown reduction pruning has numerous benefits. With this technique, you only trim the tree to its first lateral growth. The wounds usually heal faster, promoting healthy, beautiful regrowth. 

In addition, removing excess branches, which might be too heavy, helps reduce stress on the tree. This way, you won’t worry about the branches breaking during a storm. 

Crown reduction also helps rid your tree of dead limbs, which would otherwise create breeding grounds for harmful pests and diseases. During the pruning process, your arborist may also figure out if the dead branches result from a health issue. 

Fruit trees can also benefit from this technique. You don’t want too much fruit on a single tree as it may mean low-quality yield. Crown reduction can help your tree produce larger fruit with excellent sugar content and consistent ripening. 

Disadvantages of Crown Reduction Pruning

Despite its numerous benefits, crown reduction can place stress on your tree. Since trees manufacture their food through the leaves, removing branches and foliage can reduce your tree’s ability to feed itself. Luckily, if done correctly and at the right time, the pros of crown reduction far outweigh the cons!

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