Will Damaged Tree Roots Grow Back? What Bartlett, TN Residents Should Know

Trees use their roots to absorb water, nutrients, and oxygen, as well as for support. Unfortunately, roots often get damaged for one reason or another.  

Will damaged tree roots grow back? As Bartlett’s tree service of choice, our Spruce Up Tree Care team would like to delve deeper into the causes, effects, and prevention of tree root damage.  

will damaged tree roots grow back

Can Trees Survive Root Damage?

A tree’s root damage tolerance will typically depend on the extent of damage. Many trees will recover from tree root damage, provided the damage doesn’t exceed 25% of the total root zone. However, root damage may take several months or even years to progress and cause symptoms of decline or death, depending on the situation and extent of damage.

Trees have most of their crucial feeder roots within the upper six inches of the soil. If these roots are damaged, the tree will struggle to absorb water and nutrients, reducing growth and vitality.  

Causes of Root Damage  

Knowing how tree roots get damaged will minimize further decline and help you take action designed to help the tree heal faster. Common causes of tree root damage include: 

  • Digging and trenching: Digging, tilling, or trenching near the root system, especially during construction, may damage a tree’s roots and compromise its health.  
  • Surface root damage: Surface roots, typically caused by poorly drained soils or extreme soil erosion, expose the root system to potential damage by foot traffic, lawnmowers, and grazing animals. 
  • Soil compaction: Compacted soil starves the root zone of necessary water infiltration and air circulation, causing poor tree health or death.  
  • Pest and disease issues: Pests and diseases such as fungal infections and root rot can infiltrate the roots and cause their decline. 

Caring for Trees With Damaged Roots  

Will damaged tree roots grow back? It depends. Trees with damaged roots need extra tree care and attention to survive.  

The following techniques will help to provide a conducive environment for trees with damaged roots to survive:  

  • Proper watering: Giving the root-damaged tree sufficient water will facilitate the absorption of nutrients and help the tree recover.  
  • Soil aeration and nutrient management: A tree needs healthy soil to thrive. Well-aerated soils promote proper health and facilitate the healing of damaged roots. 
  • Encouraging root growth: Providing adequate water, nutrients, light, and aeration boosts root development and gives the tree a solid foundation. 
  • Supporting weak root systems: Techniques such as cabling, staking, and propping can help support trees with damaged roots.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help  

At Spruce Up Tree Care, we provide quality tree care services at affordable rates. Our competent crew has an in-depth understanding of plant physiology and specializes in all aspects of arboriculture.  

Count on us for a full range of tree solutions, including:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal   
  • Stump grinding  
  • Tree cabling and bracing  

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