How To Straighten a Leaning Tree in Bartlett, TN

Having a leaning tree on your property can be scary. However, you don’t have to remove it since there are several arboricultural techniques for correcting tree lean. 

In this blog post, Spruce Up Tree Care, a trusted Bartlett’s tree service company, delves deeper into how to straighten a leaning tree. Keep reading for more information. 

how to straighten a leaning tree

Straightening a Young Tree 

While there are several effective urban forestry methods to straighten a leaning young tree on your property, staking will give you a much easier time. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Install your straightening stakes. Hammer three one-to-three-foot tall stakes into the ground around your young tree. Ensure they’re standing at a slight angle away from the tree’s trunk. 
  • Push the tree into a straight position. Be sure the entire tree moves, not just the top part. 
  • Tie your tree to the stakes. You can do this with a gardening twine slightly above the ground. Consider placing rubber hose tubing around the twine where it touches the trunk to prevent bark damage. You shouldn’t use cables, barbed wire, or rope, as they can harm your tree and leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. 

After doing all these, check to see if the soil around the tree base has shifted. If so, give it a gentle push down to safeguard the roots and provide extra support to the tree. Give the tree some time to establish itself in the new position. 

It’s best to monitor it for the first few months, particularly if your area experiences heavy winds or rainfall. You don’t want the twine to loosen, causing your tree to lean again. 

Straightening a Mature Leaning Tree

Even your mature trees aren’t immune to leaning. This often occurs in excessively wet soil conditions. That means you need to know how to straighten a leaning tree, even when it’s mature. 

You’ll need to follow similar steps mentioned above to correct a lean in a mature tree. The difference is that you must use stronger stakes and place them further away from the tree to ensure the safety of the extensive root base. You should hammer the stakes at least 18 inches into the ground to make them as stable as possible.

If another large tree is growing nearby and in the direction you want the leaning one to go, consider attaching straps to it. Remember to place padding around the trunks of both trees to protect the bark from damage. You might want to use thicker or longer straps to handle the heavy tree’s weight. 

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