Do Tree Branches Grow Back in Memphis, TN?

Spruce Up Tree Care, your reliable provider of tree trimming service in Memphis, is here to help with all your arboreal dilemmas. In this post, we answer the question, “Do tree branches grow back?” The short answer is that they shouldn’t, but it’s not that simple. 

do tree branches grow back

Do Tree Branches Grow Back?  

Branches won’t typically grow back if you prune them properly. So, if you are cutting a branch back because it’s in the way, be sure to make a clean cut. That allows the branch to form a callus that protects the tree. 

If the branch breaks off, clear up any ragged edges to ensure that the tree can heal properly. 

Branches can grow back under certain circumstances. Namely, if you don’t prune them correctly or if you engage in tree topping. The danger is that the new growth is weaker and more likely to break. You also negatively impact tree health and can inadvertently kill the plant. 

Tree topping or excessive branch removal will always result in new shoots. This is because the tree enters survival mode and tries to create new foliage. 

You Need to Prune 

So, now that you can answer, “Do tree branches grow back?” you might wonder if it’s wise to trim your tree. The answer is, “Yes.” However, you should only prune for a good reason. Here’s why you should trim your trees regularly. 


Trees suffer from injury and disease and can ail and die. These weaker branches are likely to tear off during a storm. At best, they’ll crash to the ground. At worst, the wind can turn them into projectiles, causing excessive property damage. 

These branches form a safety risk in calm weather, too. You never know when they’ll break loose and fall. 


You sometimes need to prune your tree to help it stay healthy. You’ll perform most of these tasks when the tree is young to ensure it develops a healthy structure. You’ll trim here to:

  • Clear clutter in the canopy and improve air circulation
  • Remove branches that are rubbing together
  • Promote better fruit or flower production
  • Clear excess leader sprouts
  • Remove diseased or pest-infested wood 
  • Remove weak, dead, or damaged branches

Trimming can prevent fungal diseases and pests from spreading to healthy limbs. It can also make the tree less susceptible to powdery mildew by removing branches that block light and air. 


You might also trim a tree to enhance its shape. In some cases, you might use specialist techniques, like espalier, to train trees to grow along walls. You can do this and use other forms of pruning to help keep trees neat in a smaller space. 

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