How Long Will a Dead Tree Stand in Bartlett, TN?

One of the saddest facts of life is that every tree you’re looking at will die at some point, even if it takes centuries.

Many people don’t like to accept this fact, so when they have a dead tree in their yard, they ask, “How long will a dead tree stand?” 

What’s the right answer, though? Bartlett’s tree service will cover the details in this post.

how long will a dead tree stand

The Length of Time a Dead Tree Will Stand

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say how long a dead tree will stand. Many factors play a role in determining if the tree will fall with the next moderately fast winds we get or if it can stand for a few more years.

So, many trees tend to fall two to five years after dying. However, others may continue standing for decades (especially in the wild).

How to Know Your Tree Is Dead

Before you ask, “How long will a dead tree stand?” you need to first confirm that the tree is truly dead. Sometimes, it’s possible to revive a dying tree.

Some of the top signs that your tree is dead include the following:

  • Large cracks in the trunk
  • Severe peeling or a lack of bark on the trunk
  • Dead inner layer in a scratch test
  • Multiple dead branches without any living growth

If your tree has some growth or shows some life in your scratch test, it may be possible to bring it back to life.

The Top Factors That Determine the Timeline for a Dead Tree to Fall

Some of the factors that will determine the decay timeline for dead trees include the following:

The Tree Species

The tree species can determine how long dead trees remain upright. Trees with denser wood structures and a vast root network will last longer than softer woods with more compact root systems. So, a dead cedar or oak can stand for years, while a dead pine can fall within weeks.

Environmental Factors

Dead trees in wet and humid regions will attract insects and fungi faster, hastening the decomposition process. Similarly, infestation by insects like termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles can significantly lower the standing dead tree lifespan.

On the other hand, the dead tree’s lifespan is longer for trees in dry areas that don’t attract infestation from pests.

What Should You Do with a Dead Tree?

It depends on the location of the tree. If you find a dead tree in the wild, you can leave it alone, as it will continue to remain a part of the ecosystem for as long as it exists – even after it falls.

For dead trees in your yard or nearby, the situation is different. They are safety hazards because they will likely damage your property or cause injuries. So, you’ll need to remove them quickly.

Get Further Help with Your Dead Tree

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