Why Aren’t My Trees Growing in Memphis, TN?

Beautiful, healthy trees can transform your property and bring other tangible and intangible benefits. Therefore, it can be frustrating when your effort to plant a tree doesn’t look like it’s yielding any fruits. You’ll find yourself asking, “Why aren’t my trees growing?”

As the top-rated tree trimming service in Memphis, TN, it’s one of the most common questions we receive. In this article, we’ll look at all the possible reasons why your trees aren’t growing and what you can do about them.

why aren't my trees growing

The Possible Reasons for Slow Tree Growth

Some of the reasons your trees aren’t growing as fast as you want them to include the following:

The Tree Age

Sometimes, your tree might be growing, but you just can’t see it. All trees start off growing quickly, but each one will slow down at some point. If you’re asking, “Why aren’t my trees growing?” for some mature trees, you probably have nothing to worry about.

The tree might be at that stage where it’s natural for it to grow slowly.

Poor Watering Habits

Watering habits are one of the obstacles to tree development. Trees need the right amount of water to grow. Overwatering and underwatering are equally dangerous for tree health. Here are a few tips for watering you can incorporate:

  • Don’t depend on rainfall only for young trees. Water them deeply at least once a week.
  • Water your trees every two weeks. During droughts, you’ll need to water even more frequently.
  • Get the water measurements right. Trees need ten gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter.
  • Always check the soil moisture before watering. If the soil is moist, the tree has enough moisture and does not need the additional watering.

Poor Soil Quality

Your trees can’t grow without nutrients. In poor-quality soil, the nutrients either don’t exist or are too hard to reach. So, you need to confirm you don’t have compacted or sandy soil and that it has enough organic matter to support tree growth.  

Inadequate Space

Trees need enough room to spread their roots and branches. If you’ve planted yours too close to other trees, a fence, or your building, the tree might struggle to find room. You can solve this issue by making more room for the tree where possible.

Inadequate Sunlight

Your trees need enough sunlight for photosynthesis to take place. Problems with photosynthesis are one of the most common barriers to tree maturation. If there’s another tree casting a shadow over it or a building blocking the sunlight, the tree might struggle to get adequate sunlight.  

Pests and Disease

Disease is usually one of the biggest factors stunting tree growth. Check for damage to the trunk, leaves, and roots. If the disease has not fully taken root, you can save your tree and get it growing again.

Get Definitive Answers From the Pros

If you’re still asking, “Why aren’t my trees growing?” it’s time to call in the experts! Our experienced crew can uncover nutrient deficiency in trees and other reasons for the slow growth.

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