What to Do About Holes in Trees in Bartlett, TN

Holes in trees are usually a sign of some problem. Sometimes, tree holes can seal and heal on their own just fine, but sometimes they can take on water and become infested with pests and diseases. So, if you have tree holes, you should address the problem quickly. With that in mind, the team at Spruce Up Tree Care is here to discuss managing tree holes and tree bark punctures.

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Why Are There Holes in  My Trees?

The most common cause of tree holes is branches that were broken or pruned too close to the trunk. The part where branches connect to the trunk is called the collar. When removing branches, the collar needs to be left intact so the shorter branch can still grow properly. If the collar is cut flush to the trunk, it can damage the collar’s vascular structure, causing it to decompose and create tree trunk cavities. 

Another cause of tree holes is pests, such as termites, woodpeckers, squirrels, and other borers. Openings in tree bark from pests are usually smaller than holes created by cutting the branch collar too short and have a more random and sporadic pattern. 

Risks of Holes in Trees

The main risks of holes in trees are decay and pests. Tree hollows can collect water, which can cause the trunk and roots to decompose. More generally, holes make trees more susceptible to injury and decrease their lifespan because they expose important vascular tissues. Animals and pests can also make nests in tree holes, which further exacerbates damage.

Fixing Holes in Trees

The simplest method to fix a tree hole is to use tree foam. First, you remove the dead wood and bark around the hole and make sure it’s dry. Then, you fill it with a special wood-fill foam that expands and seals the tree trunk perforations. 

After filling, you can cut excess foam and smooth it out to blend into the tree. It usually takes about three to seven days for foam to fully dry, depending on the size of the hole. You also want to fertilize your tree after filling to ensure it gets the right nutrients to heal over the exposed trunk tissue. 

If you have tree boreholes from pests, you will have to perform an anti-pest treatment before filling the holes. Exact removal treatments depend on the specific type of pest. 

Trees repaired this way are still alive and growing, so they have their natural lifespan and should grow more or less normally. Proper tree maintenance will ensure the hole heals and your tree grows strong!

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