Should I Remove a Tree Close to My Bartlett, TN House?

When properly cared for, a tree can be a beautiful centerpiece of a property. Over time, a tree can effectively become a part of our homes; we all have fond memories of tire swings or tree houses growing up. 

However, there’s a difference between a tree becoming part of the home and being part of the house.

The former is a cozy metaphor; the latter can be a disaster.

If you’ve been nervously watching branches from your window and wondering, “Should I remove a tree close to the house?” This should provide some answers. As the leading arborists in Barlett, these are the signs we watch out for.

should i remove a tree close to house

What Are the Risks?

While many people are quick to appreciate the aesthetic value of a tree on the property, only some know the risks of trees near a residence. Depending on a tree’s proximity to the house, it can harm both the property and the people inside. 

Common issues include:

  • Unstable or standing dead trees can topple over in storms, taking down power lines or crashing through walls. 
  • Roots entangling underground water or electricity lines
  • Leaves, bark, or berries getting caught in AC exhaust, gutters, and other fans
  • Branches scratching windows, paint, or vehicles
  • Structurally unsound trees can damage the foundation when they uproot.
  • Increased fire hazard from buildup of tinder, dry leaves, or dead branches

How Do I Tell If a Tree Needs To Be Removed?

It can be difficult to tell if a tree is dangerous to your property until after something happens. However, you can avoid dealing with any surprise property damage by being proactive. When asking, “Should I remove a tree close to the house?” or evaluating tree hazards near your home, watch for these signs.

  • Displaced concrete or pathing over the tree’s roots. Be especially mindful if the roots are creeping towards the basement or foundation
  • Close proximity to power lines or other utilities, especially when affected by strong wind
  • The tree sits at a tilted, unstable angle. This is especially concerning if it happens suddenly.
  • A standing dead tree starting to decay, crack, or split open
  • The foliage around the tree  starting to die

When in doubt, remember that you can always call the experts. Your local tree professionals will be able to identify any warning signs and be on hand if you need help removing trees near buildings.

Remember that calling for help ahead of time will always be easier, cheaper, and faster than waiting for disaster to strike. If you’re nervous about a tree on your property, a little prevention goes a long way. 

Spruce Up Tree Care: Your Local Arboreal Experts

If you’re still asking yourself, “Should I remove a tree close to the house?” then we’ve got you covered. Spruce Up Tree Repair is your partner in all things arboreal. From trimming and pruning to assessing the safety of a standing dead tree near a house, or even conducting tree removal near homes, our experts know what to do. 

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