Do Trees Ever Stop Growing in Memphis, TN?

If you’re planning on growing a tree in your yard, you may be wondering, “Do trees ever stop growing?” Depending on the species, a tree may have a longer or shorter growth spurt than what you think. If you want to learn more about tree growth limits, allow Spruce Up Tree Care, one of Memphis’ reliable tree services, to explain everything you need to know about the tree height maximum and the relation between tree age and growth rate.

do trees ever stop growing

Do Trees Ever Stop Growing?

Do trees grow forever? Yes, for their entire lives, a tree will grow. However, this doesn’t mean that trees grow at a steady, continuous rate. 

Do trees ever stop growing? Similar to other plants, animals, and even people, trees have a growth rate that slowly but surely decreases as they get older. That said, when they stop depends on the situation; factors like species, nutrition, and water intake all play a role. It’s no surprise to anyone that, for example, big trees like the Great Sequoia have a much longer growth range, as well as vascular system and tree height, than other species.

Secondary Growth vs. Primary Growth

Trees have two phases of growth: secondary and primary. Between these two phases, you’ll see a tree go from a sapling to a full, sturdy plant that can take on winds without falling over. Because of the differentiation, we can make between secondary and primary growth, we can track different tree species based on how they grow so that potential plant owners can have a gauge of how fast, tall, and large their tree will grow in their garden or yard. 

Primary growth is the first kind of growth you’ll see for your newly planted tree. During primary growth, a tree will sprout, gain height, and shoot more branches and leaves out. This is when roots spread, and the tree turns itself from a sprout into a sapling and so on; different trees have different rates of growth, so they stop at different times as well.

Secondary growth differs from primary growth in the sense that it adds to what primary growth already accomplishes. While primary growth gives as much height and canopy to the tree as possible, secondary growth adds thickness to the entire ordeal. This means that bark grows thicker under secondary growth; same with branches, twigs, and anything else that can make the tree more formidable.

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