How To Replant a Small Tree on Your Bartlett, TN, Yard

Do you want to know how to replant a small tree? Whether you made a mistake placing it initially or are simply redesigning your garden, this process can seem a bit daunting.

As the go-to certified arborists in Bartlett, our team at Spruce Up Tree Care has helped many property owners with their landscaping needs. Keep reading as we lend some insight and give your specimen the best chance to thrive in its new location.

how to replant a small tree

Time Your Project

The best moment to replant is during the dormant seasons — fall after leaf drop or early spring before bud break. Dormancy helps the tree conserve energy since it’s not actively growing.

This condition reduces stress and allows the roots to establish in their new location without the added burden of supporting full foliage and new growth.

Find the Right Spot

Consider your specimen’s sunlight needs; does it require full exposure or can it thrive in partial shade? You’ll also want to look at the surrounding flora. Leave enough space for the tree to grow without competing for nutrients and water.

Don’t forget about avoiding underground structures. The last thing you want is to accidentally cut into utility lines or irrigation systems. Call your local utility company to mark the areas to steer clear of.

Transplanting Your Tree

If you need to know how to replant a small tree, follow these steps, and you’ll have it rehomed in no time:

  • Measure the root ball: You want to dig around the tree, typically 12 inches per inch of trunk diameter to get enough of its root systems. This careful measurement minimizes damage to the important sections and makes the process smoother.
  • Dig out the area: Prepare the new planting site ahead of time and dig a hole two to three times the width of the root ball and two inches deeper than its height.
  • Trench the old spot: Carefully trench around the tree roots at the calculated distance. Use a sharp spade to create precise cuts with minimal tearing.
  • Remove the tree: Is the tree finally free? Use burlap to gently wrap the root ball and secure it with twine. Lift the whole root ball carefully and place it onto a wheelbarrow for transport to its new location.
  • Time to transplant: Position the tree in the center of the prepared hole and fully upright. Backfill the hole with the original soil while gently tamping down to remove air pockets.
  • Give it TLC: Water the tree thoroughly to help settle the soil. It needs supplemental moisture in the first few weeks to establish the tree’s roots properly.

Dependable Tree Specialists in Bartlett

Why risk your beloved specimen’s health by attempting a transplant on your own? Let Spruce Up Tree Care handle it with expert precision instead. Our crew knows how to replant a small tree and nurse it back to health.

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