Will Broken Branches Kill a Tree in Memphis, TN?

Will broken branches kill a tree? If you’re seeing broken branches, there may be various reasons why. If you’re in Memphis, Tennessee, your tree might be dealing with challenges like storm damages, precarious power lines, or even wild animals.

The good news is that most trees can recover from a slew of broken branches. Still, it’s best to have professional arborists like Spruce Up Tree Care, premium tree services in Memphis, Tennessee, take a look. Even small broken branches give pathogens, fungi, and other causes of tree rot an easy inlet into your tree.

Below, the team looks at how broken branches might affect your tree now and later on.

will broken branches kill a tree

The Importance of Tree Limbs in Tree Health

While a tree trunk is the largest part of a tree and holds everything upright, it might not always be the most important part of your tree. Each tree component, from root to canopy, plays a vital role in keeping a tree healthy and happy. That includes tree limbs.

What do branches offer your tree?

  • Structural support.
  • A path for nutrients and water to travel throughout the tree.
  • A vital hormonal system for the tree’s well-being and growth. 

So, if a branch aids in the tree’s growth and health, a broken limb might wreak havoc under the right circumstances. But will broken branches kill a tree? Let’s take a closer look at what to do if you notice a tree branch breaking or already lying on the ground.

What To Do When Tree Branches Break

When a tree branch breaks, your first step will be to assess the damage. Are there cracks on the tree trunk or damage beyond just branches? If so, a certified arborist might be helpful.

On the other hand, if the damage doesn’t appear drastic, you can clear away some of the debris. Partially broken branches don’t always need removal. In some instances, an arborist can even reattach the limb with grafting tape and let the tree heal itself. 

You won’t want to remove the tape for a few months, so if you’re unsure about the re-attachment process, call tree specialists. For example, if grafting tape doesn’t appear strong enough for the size of your broken tree branch, the arborist will use twine and some additional supports.

Overall, the important aspect of healing trees with broken branches is ensuring the tree can recover.  Does it have a healthy, growth-promoting environment? Is the wound where the branch broke clean?

If you’re in Memphis, Spruce Up Tree Care can help with these details. 

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