What Disease Is Killing Pine Trees in Bartlett, TN?

If you notice your pine tree is thinning out or its needles are turning brown, you might have a tree disease on your hands. Before being able to treat it, you need to know what disease is killing pine trees. The more familiar you are with the signs of pine tree disease, the sooner you can take steps to protect and heal your infected trees. With that in mind, the team at Spruce Up Tree Care is here with this quick guide on pine tree disease and its causes. 

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what disease is killing pine trees

What Tree Diseases Kill Pines?

Pine trees are susceptible to a wide range of diseases that can cause needles to brown or the canopy to thin. These diseases can be a result of fungi, pests, and various environmental conditions. Below are some of the most common diseases afflicting pine trees, their identifying symptoms, and common treatment methods. 

Root Rot

Root rot is caused by a fungal infection that infects the base of the tree near its roots. The most common sign of root rot is the presence of white fungal bodies on the trunk and roots. The fungus causing root rot grows well in moist conditions and spreads easily in fresh tree cuts. Common root rot treatments involve removing the affected roots and treating fungal bodies with borax powder to stop the disease spreading. 

Needle Blight

Needle blight includes a range of fungal diseases that cause pine tree needles to wither and die. Rainwater can carry spores where they infect pine needles and spread and kill healthy trees. There are a few ways to treat needle blight, including pruning, anti-fungal treatments, and controlled burns to remove infected plant material. Needle blight most commonly develops during the early fall and is particularly deadly for younger trees. 

Fusiform Rust

Fusiform rust is caused by a fungus that affects both pine and oak trees. Trees with fusiform rust start to swell in the trunk and branches, creating deep cankers across the tree body. These open wounds are then prone to further infections. Fusiform rust is interesting as the spores that cause it develop in oak trees first before infecting pine trees later in their life cycle. 

Pine Wilt

Pine wilt is a common tree disease that is caused by a roundworm pest, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. Sawyer beetles carry roundworm larvae which infect the tree and start growing inside. Pine wilt can kill trees relatively quickly and will cause them to turn yellow, red, and then brown before dying. Treatment methods include removing infected wood and pesticide treatments. 

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