Spruce Up Tree Care of Memphis, TN, Undertakes Lot Clearing for a Cordova Car Dealership Construction Site

Spruce Up Tree Care of Memphis, TN, Undertakes Lot Clearing for a Cordova Car Dealership Construction Site

by | Jun 17, 2024

A client in Cordova contacted Spruce Up Tree Care of Memphis, TN, for urgent lot clearing services. The site was intended for a new car dealership. The team was to remove all trees and shrubs, preparing for the construction process as the facility takes shape. 

This particular land-clearing project included removing all trees, including several oaks, pines, elms, and privets. The owner then wanted the site grubbed to remove all underground roots and vegetation before the commercial construction commenced. Spruce Up Tree Care consulted with the property owner on boundary lines and took the best approach to removing several trees that were a little close to power lines and vehicle traffic.


Lot Clearing


Professional Tree Removal and Lot Cleanup in Cordova, Tennessee, Before Car Dealership Construction Starts

  • Client profile: Commercial.
  • Location: Cordova, Tennessee – Shelby County.
  • Type of service: Lot clearing.
  • Duration: One day.
  • Service frequency: One-time Project.
  • Season: Spring.
  • Specific challenges: There were trees, roots, and brush to remove in preparation for the new Hyundai car dealership. The tree care team had to carefully navigate power lines and cars. The wet ground also presented challenges.
  • Tree type: Oaks, pines, elms, and privet.


Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing


Clarifying Boundary Lines With the Owner For This Complex Site-Clearing Project in Cordova, Tennessee

The land-clearing team’s initial concern was the boundary line, as the tree removal and grubbing project needed to be well-defined. Cordova’s regulations may impose significant penalties on those who negligently cut trees on another owner’s land. A proper land survey identified the layout and possible obstacles before starting the work.

Land survey costs vary. However, the land clearing cost includes measures to protect landowners and neighbors. The team also wanted to move debris off the entire property. 

Selecting the Right Tree and Brush Removal Equipment For the Cordova, TN, Job

The job included carefully removing trees to minimize encroachment on the neighbor’s land, traffic areas, and electrical lines. Teams like Spruce Up Tree Care take time to select just the right equipment for this heavy-duty brush removal. For example, there are various brush cutters for dense vegetation and smaller saplings. 

The challenges include equipment for the lot’s conditions. Hydraulic-drive brush cutters are a solid choice for the unpredictable conditions of dense growth. Heavier equipment handles a multiple-acre lot better.

With the drainage issues here, the team took precautions during stump removal. The thorough planning and equipment paid off for Spruce Up Tree Care of Memphis, TN. The lot clearing and grubbing project took just one day.


Lot Clearing

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