Restoring Home Integrity with Swift Emergency Tree Removal – Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN

Restoring Home Integrity with Swift Emergency Tree Removal – Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN

by | Jan 17, 2024

In the heart of Memphis, TN, where Live Oak Trees grace the landscape, Spruce Up Tree Care faced a daunting challenge — an Emergency Tree Removal project demanded by a Residential Homeowner after a destructive ice storm. The tale unfolds as our expert team not only met the client’s immediate needs but went beyond, restoring both their property and peace of mind.

Emergency Tree Service in Memphis, TN

Emergency Tree Service

  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Memphis, TN – Shelby County
  • Type of Service: Emergency Tree Removal from Ice Storm
  • Duration:6 hours, one day removal and cleanup
  • Tree Size: 40 feet in height and 32 inches in diameter at base of trunk
  • Equipment Used: Bucket Truck, 4 man crew, skid steer, and loader. 
  • Service Frequency: One Time Project, Insurance Claim
  • Season: Winter season
  • Specific Challenges: This Live Oak Tree in Memphis toppled over from ice weighing it down after a heavy snow and ice storm. The Tree crashed into the house, falling on top of the roof and destroying the home. 
  • Tree Type: Live Oak Tree
  • Client Preferences: Customer needed the tree removed off of the house by using Insurance Claim, and then restoring the house back to former condition so they could move back in. 


Emergency Tree Service in Memphis, TN

Emergency Tree Service

Client’s Needs and Desires:

The Residential Homeowner’s property in Memphis, TN, was severely damaged by the sudden descent of a majestic Live Oak Tree during a winter ice storm. Seeking not only the removal of the fallen giant but a seamless process that would allow them to swiftly return their home to its former glory, the client expressed a desire for a comprehensive solution.

Emergency Tree Removal in Memphis – A Swift Response:

Facing the urgency of an ice-laden Live Oak Tree perilously perched on their home, the client sought Spruce Up Tree Care for an immediate solution. Our skilled 4-man crew, armed with a Bucket Truck, skid steer, and loader, swiftly executed the Emergency Tree Removal in Memphis. The winter season added complexity, but our seasoned professionals ensured a rapid and efficient operation, completing the removal and cleanup within a remarkable 6-hour timeframe.

Storm Damage Tree Removal Memphis – Navigating Challenges with Expertise:

The specific challenge of a fallen Live Oak Tree, measuring 40 feet in height and 32 inches in diameter at the base, demanded precision and expertise. Spruce Up Tree Care, specializing in Storm Damage Tree Removal in Memphis, tackled the unique intricacies of the situation. The utilization of advanced equipment and a skilled crew enabled the meticulous removal, preventing further damage to the property.

Seamless Insurance Claim Integration – Restoration in Motion:

With a commitment to client preferences, Spruce Up Tree Care seamlessly integrated the Emergency Tree Removal into the insurance claim process. This strategic approach not only eased the financial burden on the client but also paved the way for a smooth transition into the restoration phase. The damaged roof and home were meticulously restored, ensuring the property regained its former condition.

Memphis, TN – A Hub for Expert Tree Services:

In the heart of Shelby County, Memphis, TN, stands as a testament to Spruce Up Tree Care’s prowess in Emergency Tree Service. Our swift response, coupled with advanced equipment and skilled professionals, positions us as the go-to tree service provider in the region.

Project Success and Client Satisfaction:

Spruce Up Tree Care’s dedication to exceeding client expectations bore fruit in this Emergency Tree Removal and Restoration project. The seamless integration of services, from swift removal to meticulous restoration, showcased our commitment to excellence. The Residential Homeowner not only witnessed their property revived but experienced the efficiency and expertise that define Spruce Up Tree Care’s tree services in Memphis, TN.

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