Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, Uses Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning To Protect a Church From Falling Branches

Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, Uses Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning To Protect a Church From Falling Branches

by | Apr 1, 2024

A client came to Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, with a request for pruning and trimming trees. Tree maintenance services became necessary when two trees adjacent to the business began to encroach upon not only the buildings nearby but the sidewalk areas as well. When caring for the trees, the Spruce Up Tree Care crew acted with discernment and expertise, prioritizing safety and efficiency throughout the professional tree pruning job.


tree trimming and pruning

Before Willow Oak Tree Trimming

  • Client Profile: Commercial
  • Location: Memphis, TN – Shelby County
  • Type of Service: Tree trimming & pruning
  • Duration: Six hours, one-day trimming and cleanup
  • Tree Size: Willow Oak: 30 feet in height and 40 inches in diameter at the base of the trunk, Crape Myrtle: 20 feet in height
  • Equipment Used: Bucket truck, three-man crew, chipper truck
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Winter season
  • Specific Challenges: This Church is located in a very heavily trafficked area by both pedestrians and drivers. We had to carefully and precisely remove and prune the large limbs to avoid any potential accidents.
  • Client Preferences: The customer needed both the Willow Oaks and the Crape Myrtles that reside on their property trimmed and pruned to avoid dead branches from falling.

Careful Care With Willow Oak Tree Trimming in Memphis

A Memphis client required arborist pruning services when two trees, a willow oak, and a crape myrtle, began overhanging the space. Without careful tree care and maintenance, the two sizable trees would have threatened the roofs of the nearby buildings. This is where Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, came to help with its expert trimming and pruning services, handling the tall trees with care and precision. 


tree trimming

After Willow Oak Tree Trimming


Satisfactory Service With Crape Myrtle Tree Trimming and Pruning in Memphis

Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, provided a service that was more than satisfactory for the client in both tree trimming and tree pruning. While the church was in a well-populated area, full of sidewalks, streets, and passing pedestrians alike, the expert tree crew serviced the area with professionalism and discretion.

By being very selective on which limbs to prune, the team was able to prioritize large limbs first so that no obstructions remained throughout the pruning process. By fully using equipment to their advantage, the crew was able to use the bucket and chipper trucks to successfully meet the client’s needs.


tree pruning

During Crape Myrtle Tree Trimming

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