Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, Helps Homeowner Reclaim Their Property With Professional Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, Helps Homeowner Reclaim Their Property With Professional Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

by | Apr 1, 2024

Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, received a call for help from a client needing expert tree care and maintenance. The client requested arborist care for multiple oaks on their property: one red oak and one post oak. While some trees on the client’s property only needed tree trimming and pruning services, others required complete removal.

Despite the gravel surface nearby and the slope that lead downwards toward a lake, the crew handled the project with expert efficiency, skillfully bringing both oaks down without issue.

  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Saulsbury, TN, Hardeman County, TN
  • Type of Service: Tree Trimming & Pruning, Removal, Fertilizing
  • Duration: Six hours, one-day trimming and cleanup.
  • Tree Type: Post Oak and Red Oak
  • Equipment Used: Bucket truck, three-man crew, chipper truck.
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Winter season
  • Specific Challenges: This property had very steep grades down toward the lake, which made equipment access more difficult and hazardous.


before tree trimming

Before Tree Trimming


It Began With Red Oak Tree Trimming in Saulsbury, TN

The client requested tree maintenance services for their oak trees in Saulsbury, TN. Since the property partially rested on a hill, proper tree removal and fertilization were difficult. 
Because of the slope above the lake area on the property, it wasn’t easy to navigate with the necessary equipment, such as the bucket and chipper truck. The arborist team had to carefully plan out the project to ensure a safe and efficient service. They carefully trimmed and pruned the red oak tree before cutting it down and removing it from the property.


during tree trimming

During Tree Trimming


Successful and Efficient Post Oak Tree Pruning Saulsbury, TN

The post oak tree required similar services and posed identical challenges due to residing on a hill. However, tree trimming and tree pruning were successful as the three-man team knew which tools and techniques to use in the situation. They then carefully removed the tree and fertilized the property to create a substantially safer and more aesthetically pleasing lakeside view. 

Thanks to the years of experience and professional expertise of the team at Spruce Up Tree Care in Memphis, TN, the client regained control of their property. Pruning and fertilizing trees can make a world of difference for any property in Tennessee, and the Spruce Up Tree Care team is ready to help


after tree trimming

After Tree Trimming

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